Westland, MI Lawn Fertilizers & Treatments

Our lawn fertilizing and treatment services for Westland, MI make sure your turf is stronger, healthier, and more beautiful. Creating pristine lawns starts with the proper nutrition and care. We fertilize and protect your lawn by utilizing products that are safe for the environment, without sacrificing results.

Our Mosquito Spraying Services

Between the risk of insect-borne diseases and the irritation of their bites, mosquitoes make enjoying your outdoor space difficult. We protect you and your family by ridding your yard of these pesky insects through our mosquito spraying services.

Our Lawn Treatment

At D&G Nature's Way, we analyze the problems plaguing your yard to create effective lawn treatment solutions, providing you with landscaping that is beautiful and healthy. Unsightly weeds, insects, and lawn diseases can distract from the beauty of your lawn. Our lawn treatment services include:

Our Lawn Fertilizing Services

In order for your grass to be stronger and more resistant to diseases, it needs the proper nutrition. Our fertilizers are nitrogen rich, ensuring that your lawn is more robust and has thicker blades, producing a landscape that is lush and green throughout the season.

Our Pest Control Services

Fleas, ticks, and other pests can disrupt your landscaping, damage your lawn, and carry diseases. Pests in your yard can be more than an nuisance, they can be dangerous. Our pest control solutions stop the animals and insects from invading your home.

Your ideal lawn starts with proper care and nutrition, we only utilize products of the highest quality to establish a turf that is green and hearty all season long. With fertilization, lawn treatments, and pest control solutions from D&G Nature's Way, we can enhance the overall look and health of your grass. You can have your dream lawn.

Our Westland, Michigan lawn care helps you create your ideal landscape, call or contact us today to request your estimate.

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With the right nutrients, your lawn will grow strong and beautiful. Regular fertilization will help build a turf that has a more complex root structure, is more resistant to weeds, and more protected against summer fungus... read more


Pest Control

Creating a healthy lawn starts with ridding your turf of any weeds, insects, or diseases that may be stopping your grass from growing thick and strong. With the right lawn treatments, we will create a healthier and heartier grass... read more


Mosquito Spraying

Mosquitoes can ruin any outdoor activity. Our mosquito spraying services make it easy to enjoy your lawn without the bug bites. Furthermore, this service protects your family from various diseases spread by mosquitoes... read more

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