Birmingham, MI Lawn Fertilizing & Treatment

From our fertilizer and insecticide treatments to our mosquito and mole control, we deliver solutions for lush, beautiful lawns. Here at D&G Nature's Way, we provide customers in Birmingham, MI with excellent lawn fertilizing & treatment services.

Pest Control

Fleas or ticks will take the fun out of any activity outside, and invasive insects can cause tremendous damage to your beautiful lawn. Our pest control services will rid your yard of these troublesome pests.

Lawn Treatments

We offer safe yet powerful solutions to address all lawn problems. Fertilizer does a lot to keep your lawn healthy, but sometimes other solutions are needed to fight pests and weeds.

Lawn Fertilizing

With our annual fertilizing plan, we will make sure your lawn is receiving all of the nutrients it needs for healthy growth. We offer professional lawn fertilizing services that incorporate quality products and expert application. Check out our organic fertilizing option as well for a natural approach.

Mosquito Spraying

Mosquitoes carry a host of serious diseases including West Nile virus and encephalitis. They also make it hard to enjoy the outdoors! Our treatments are completely safe for your family and your pets while keeping the mosquitoes away.

Regardless of your lawn, its current health, or any pest issues you may be having, we're ready to get started with customized solutions for greener, healthier turf. Here at D&G Nature's Way, we are dedicated to delivering excellent results for our clients.

Our professional teams are standing by to help you get your dream lawn. Contact us today to get a free estimate for lawn fertilizing and treatment services in Birmingham, MI.

plant in fertilized soil


With the right nutrients, your lawn will grow strong and beautiful. Regular fertilization will help build a turf that has a more complex root structure, is more resistant to weeds, and more protected against summer fungus... read more


Pest Control

Creating a healthy lawn starts with ridding your turf of any weeds, insects, or diseases that may be stopping your grass from growing thick and strong. With the right lawn treatments, we will create a healthier and heartier grass... read more


Mosquito Spraying

Mosquitoes can ruin any outdoor activity. Our mosquito spraying services make it easy to enjoy your lawn without the bug bites. Furthermore, this service protects your family from various diseases spread by mosquitoes... read more

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