Fall Fertilization

End the season with your best lawn. At D&G Nature's Way, our fall fertilization program provides continued protection and nutrition for your lawn. With weed control and added nutrients, your lawn will be strong and vibrant throughout the fall and be more prepared for the harshness of winter.

September / Early October Applications

  • Fall Fertilizer: By adding nutrients to your lawn at the end of the fall season, you are preparing your root system for the winter months, as well as gearing up for stronger grass development in the following year.
    • Standard Fertilizer: A 30-0-6 bag analysis with 50% slow release nitrogen, our fall fertilizer gives your lawn a longer feeding to ensure a more nourished and lush lawn for your summer season.
    • Organic Fertilizer: Our organic option offers a 20-0-5 bag analysis with 25% slow release nitrogen. To ensure an environmentally friendly application, this fertilizer includes 50% organic matter, giving you a beautiful and safe lawn for your family and pets.
  • Weed Control: To have a beautiful lawn without the unwanted plants, we apply Triplet weed control to clear up any late blooming weeds. Through our September applications, we keep your lawn green, lush, and in pristine condition.

At D&G Nature's Way, we utilize both granular and liquid fall fertilizer, depending on the size and needs of your lawn. Our applications in September and early October are either standard or organic fertilizer. We work with our clients to determine the best solution for your turf. Our granular application is a 30-0-6 bag analysis with 50% slow release nitrogen. The organic option is composed of a 20-0-5 analysis with 25% slow release nitrogen and 50% organic matter. With either application, you have the benefits of Triplet weed control to take care of any unwanted plants or weeds disrupting your lawn.

Keep your lawn nourished through the winter with the ultimate protection of fall fertilization. Call or contact us today for your estimate.