Winter Fertilization

In Michigan, winters can be harsh on our lawns. At D&G Nature's Way, we help reduce the stress on your turf with the right winter fertilization treatments. We are dedicated to providing your lawn with the necessary nutrients it needs to survive the winter while promoting a stronger and healthier turf in the spring.

October / Early November Applications

  • Winter Fertilization: Our last fertilization treatment of the year provides your lawn with a deep feeding before the winter months. This allows your grass to store up on nutrients to be healthier and stronger in the following year.
    • Standard Fertilizer: A 30-0-6 bag analysis with 50% slow release nitrogen, our winter fertilizer gives your lawn a longer feeding to ensure a more nourished and more lush lawn for your summer season.
    • Organic Fertilizer: Our organic option offers a 20-0-5 bag analysis with 25% slow release nitrogen. To ensure an environmentally friendly application, this fertilizer includes organic matter, giving you a beautiful and safe lawn for your family and pets.

At D&G Nature's Way, we are proud to work with our clients to determine the best winter fertilization services to benefit the unique properties of your lawn. We utilize both granular and liquid fertilizer depending on the size and needs of your lawn. Our applications in October and early November are either standard or organic fertilizer.

Protect the health of your lawn all winter long with our winter fertilization. Call or contact us today for your estimate.