Lime Treatments

When your soil becomes acidic, it can be difficult for plants, trees, and grass to receive the nutrients they need to grow. At D&G Nature's Way, our lime treatments help to condition your soil and change the pH levels to create better soil conditions. With improved balance and nutrients, your plants will be able to grow strong and healthy.

Benefits of Lime Treatments

  • Improves soil condition
  • Balances pH levels in acidic soil
  • Stops bare areas from spreading
  • Helps plants to grow in shaded areas

At D&G Nature's Way, our knowledgeable team can assess your lawn to determine the best lime treatment plan for your home. Often, shaded areas near your trees or up against your home are the most susceptible to acidic soil. A good indicator that your lawn could benefit from our application is moss growth. Because lime is naturally found in your soil, we can apply our treatments as often as necessary. Keep your lawn growing strong and healthy by conditioning your soil with our lime treatments.

Combat the acidity in your soil with our dependable lime treatments. Call or contact us today for your estimate.